Over 400,000 children enter the foster care system every year in the U.S — The crisis is growing.

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Together we provide a family. Together we provide a home. 

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Our Mission

Empowering youth and families for life-long success

Foster First is a non-profit 501(c)3 Child Placing Agency that provides Behavioral Rehabilitative Services for foster children from the ages of 0-17

Established in 2003, as Community Resource Group, we began providing services to the Yakima and Wenatchee area. In June of 2019, we changed our name to Foster First, still continuing to serve children and families. 

Foster First now services Yakima, Kittitas, Chelan, Douglas, Franklin, Benton, Grant, and Klickitat counties. We’ve grown in our continuum of care and we evaluate and help train individuals and couples interested in being foster parents. 

Foster First provides CPA-level care and Behavior Rehabilitation Services (BRS) which is a temporary, intensive, wraparound, support, and treatment program for children and families. 

Foster First Provides:

On-going Training

We support and encourage current as well as interested foster parents with on-going training. 

After-Hours On-call Service

In a crisis, we’re there to deescalate the situation. We offer responsive on-the-spot suggestions, advice, and direction, whether by telephone or in-person with the foster parents/foster children.

Structured Case Aide

With a full-time staff of case managers and family facilitators, we have the resources to provide attention and care to each family but most importantly to each foster child. 


We provide transportation assistance to our foster children. To support our families we assist with to/from appointments, school, meetings, and more.

Medical Referrals

We can help with referrals to mental health counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, medication management, educational needs, etc. 

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Our main office is located in Yakima

Yakima Office: 414 N 3rd ST
Phone: (509) 965-5310
E-mail: [email protected]
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